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A mans best friend.

My girlfriend has been my family and Wes my best mate’s loyal friend, protector and wildlife warrior since she was born Christmas day 1988.

She is the love of my life. I was devastated in 1998 when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer; she died once on the veterinary operating table in 1990, my Mum and my Sister Mandys dog saved her life with 2 complete blood transfusions; Wes saved her from certain death when she was impaled through the eye and out through the ear on a wild boar tusk. She’s been running on one lung losing one to a poison; her cruciate ligament snapped in a car crash and so forth and so on. She's tough - here's some of her story.

Poor Sui - She's certainly lived a full life and along with that comes wear and tear on your body. She was chasing a rat and drove a stake straight into her chest between her two front legs - totally impaling her. I had to pull her off it. Crikey she's tough.

Here she is filming the Croc Files series down at the Crocodile Hunter's Lair.

Bindi loved snakes, but Sui just loves Bindi and she was very, very protective of Bindi as an infant. They still love each other dearly.

I just love my girl.

Sui has always been keen on catching wild pigs, it used to be her forte. You can see Terri has got her work cut out hanging onto her so I could let the pig go without Sui bailing it up again.

I taught Sui when she was just months old to avoid - go around snakes. She's never even come close to getting bitten despite the fact that she's helped me catch thousands. Here she's helping me take temperatures on the Fierce Snake Plains.

When I first met Terri, Sui was incredibly jealous. Sui would sit in the front of my 4WD and wouldn't let her in. Sometimes she'd refuse to even look at her. The wife and the girlfriend sorted it out and loved each other happily ever after.

She can swim like a fish so I'd use her to help me catch water monitors, swim ropes to the shore and her all time favourite, CHASE STICKS. Here we're working out a strategy to confuse a small croc long enough for me to sneak up on it and catch him.

Always a much loved part of the family, back in the 80's. From left to right: Me, Sui, Dad, Grandpa, Mum, Mandy, Joy, Frank, Rebecca, and Nanna.

Just as soon as Sui saw the swag come out she'd drive us crazy as she knew that we were going bush - her favourite place, mine too. This is a beautiful sunset on Cattle Creek, North Queensland, where I caught a heck of a lot of crocs with her.

Salty Sea Dog. She absolutely adored the boat and catching crocodiles. In fact she lived for it, just like me. It's all we did for many, many years so we were best mates, boyfriend/girlfriend, and so close to each other we could communicate with eye movements alone.

As the sun goes down we loved a cuppa.

She has a softer side too. Sui loved kisses and cuddles from Terri even if we were in the middle of catching crocs in the Gulf of Carpentaria. In 1995 on the Nickleson River near Burketown.

Sui the wildlife documentary presenter who made it to Hollywood.

Here she is presenting 'Croc Live' in 2003 with Ranger Stacey.

Here she is doing a massive promotion with our Producer, Director and Manager, John Stainton. She loves John because generally as soon as he turns up we're going on another adventure.

She is definitely the brains of the outfit.

Everyone loves Sui at Australia Zoo. She is simply part of the family. Here she is with her good mates Brian, Leanne and Tiffany. They're about to lead her out onto a movie set.

Sui is amused with Terri's very first croc capture.

I wish our pets could live as long as us! Sui's cancer finally catches up on her early in June 2004. Her nose kept bleeding profusely but she wasn't in any pain.

We took her to the finest veterinarians in the country and consulted specialists. Her time was running out.

At 16 years old she was diagnosed as extremely old, in excellent condition, in no pain and probably had less than a week to live. I cried and cried - I didn't want to lose my best friend and most loyal companion. So in the last few days of her life I rolled out my swag and slept with her just like the good old days. She loved it, all curled up together heart to heart.

On Wednesday 23rd of June sui passed away in mine & Wes's arms. Wes and I had spent 16 years loving each other and shared her transition from life to death. It hurt so, so much. We cried unbearably for hours as we dug a hole in her backyard and laid her to rest.

God bless her soul. Her spirit will live forever.

Bindi took great care in placing flowers on her grave.

Bindi gave me great strength while I mourned Sui's death. Sui protected Bindi for six years - it was so funny - no-one was allowed to muck with Bindi whilst Sui was guarding her. Then Bindi would put bows in her hair and play Barbies with her, we lost count how many times Bindi fell asleep on top of a very, very patient Sui. She was also Bob's first animal love. We'll miss you mate.