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Terri gives Chloe a scratch.


Terri gives Agro a bite to eat.


Terri loves her snakes.


Terri with Rhino.


Terri snuggles with the tiger cubs.


Terri and Basil are all wrapped up.


Terri gets up close and personal with the Black headed Python.


Orange and Banana, the Carolina Box Tortoises, come out of their shell around Terri.


She's hot, real hot. She's a Fierce Snake.


This macaw thinks Terri's head is a good perch.


Terri gives Charlie a lunch time snack.


Hugs all round.


Bindi's great photography at the tender age of three when we visted Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania.



Caroline Hutchinson from local radio station Mix FM, came to Australia Zoo for an interview on Bindi's third birthday.


Two foxy ladies.


Nothing beats a Koala cuddle.


A baby Bob Bob definately wins over a Koala!