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G'day - My name is Dan Higgins and I'm the Security Director of Australia Zoo. Easily the highlight of my career is training the Irwin family in Jiu Jitsu. I have been working at the Zoo for 3 years. Here's a typical day for me at Australia Zoo.
Here I go, feeding Charlie - one of our male Saltwater Crocs   Keeping an eye out and backing Stevo up
Here we go, midflight action of me
backing up Stevo
  Helping Steve restrain Lucy for her relocation
Steve & Terri asked me to be their personal trainer and Jiu Jitsu coach because of my expertise in the martial arts.
Just an average day at the Zoo, sparring
with the Boss!
  Showing Stevo the finer points of using
your knees
Grappling - just trying to survive   Showing Steve the side control position
Here I am trying to avoid Steve's onslaught
of punches
  More training with Stevo, this time it's
Greco-Roman wrestling
Here is a list of some of my achievements:
Mixed Martial Arts Record 6 Fights 1 Loss
Boxing Record 1 Fight 1 Win
1989 - 1992 State & National Karate Champ
1996 2nd & 3rd in the World Karate Champs in USA
2000 State Heavyweight Judo Champ
2003 Qld Freestyle Wrestling Champ
2nd NSW Open (Freestyle Wrestling)
Qld Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champ
Qld Submission Wrestling Champ
2004 I have been professionally fighting in the USA and I have had 2 wins from 2 fights.
Dan's business card   Just a couple of photos of me with some of the trophies I've won over the years.

In addition to my own career I am also coaching the current Australian mixed Martial Arts Champion Kyle Noke, who is well on his way to take a world title.

My only loss which was also a great victory was to Current World Champion, Joey Villasenor. He trains out of the best fighting gym in the USA.

Because of my effort against Joey, I was invited by Greg Jackson to train & become part of the Jacksons Fight Team. In my opinion Greg Jackson is the greatest technical coach in the sport today. I thank Steve, Terri and Greg. They have given me the chance to reach my full potential.

For more info on Jacksons log on to

Training at Jacksons Fight Centre in Albuquerque, New Mexico with one of Greg Jackson's fighters, Kieth Jardine. Kieth is
one of the best mixed martial arts fighters
in the world.
  Firing up & entering the ring, ready for war.
    Practicing submission wrestling with one of my training partners!
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