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On February 11th 2000, Steve’s mum, Lyn Irwin, was tragically killed in a single vehicle accident. Lyn, along with her husband Bob, created and built Australia Zoo in 1970. Lyn was a true matriarch. She laid down the original foundation and core values that are still the driving force behind Australia Zoo today.

Australia Zoo will miss you Lyn!

Steve Irwin speaks out about his mum (top)

We love you Lyn Irwin (Mum) more than anything in the world. The pain of your tragic sudden death will never wane.
You are the most beautiful, loving, nurturing, and caring person to have ever blessed this world. Your commitment to family, friends and of course your wildlife is the greatest gift in history.

When you established Australia Zoo back in 1970, you started a conservation revolution.

I’m not really sure how Dad and I are going to make it without you. Luckily your daughters, grandchildren, close family and friends have learned from you the essence of life – LOVE, PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM.

For as long as we live, we will do what you would want us to do. When times or decisions get tough, we’ll close our eyes and listen for your voice to help us through.

We have never felt pain like this before and I’m sorry, so sorry Mum, but we’ll grieve for you forever.

Thanks mate! I look forward to being reunited with you wherever you are. I’ll try to keep Dad going. We’re surrounded by the strongest family – YOUR CREATION.

As Australians or visitors to Australia, every single time you admire a native Australian animal – LYN LIVES!

Steve Irwin

In Memory of Lyn Irwin (top)

Australian wildlife conservation was Lyn Irwin’s true passion. Throughout her life Lyn established wildlife techniques that are still in practice today at Australia Zoo. In continuing Lyn Irwin’s efforts for wildlife, donations can be made to the Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund, which will be maintained by Australia Zoo. These donations will go towards Australia Zoo’s state of the art hack out facility. Bob and Lyn Irwin established this great facility as a rehabilitation centre for Australian native wildlife. Five acres of fenced habitat provides rehabilitated animals with food and shelter allowing them to roam freely aiding in their safe return to the wild. The facility is one of Queensland’s largest supporting a myriad of Australian native species. With your kind donations we will continue Lyn Irwin’s dream and through Australian wildlife Lyn lives.

All donations can be made payable to the Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund. Please mail to the following address:

Australia Zoo
Glasshouse Mountains Tourist Drive
Beerwah, QLD 4519 Australia

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