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Life as a little Crocodile Hunter

Say hello to Bindi Sue Irwin, daughter of Steve and Terri Irwin. Isn't she just adorable!
A family snapshot
Steve with baby Bindi
Now, although Bindi may just be a baby she has traveled all over the world to many different countries. Boy, being the daughter of the Crocodile Hunter sure has some bonuses...
Not only has Bindi traveled far and wide but she also has met many famous people. In the spring of '99 Bindi made her first T.V. appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell show...
One of Bindi's favourite things is to go out west camping. Here she is with mum, relaxing on her back.
Here she is with mum, playing in the big double bed.
Being the Crocodile Hunter's daughter is always busy and full of adventure. So little Crocodile Hunters need to keep up their strength by eating lots of yummy fruit...
Now although Bindi gets to do lots of fun and exciting things, there is nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her mum...
... and with her dad.
Holidays are always a special time because Bindi gets to go and visit her grammy in Oregon. Grammy is the coolest, she's fun to play with and she gives out lots of treats, but don't tell mum!
A major part of Bindi's day is spent walking around Australia Zoo making sure everything is satisfactory and to her liking. Bindi and Steve are ready to help with important construction around the zoo.
October '99 was Bindi's first dress up for Halloween. She arrived at Australia Zoo all dressed in her princess costume. Doesn't she just look 'fabulous' in her pink feather boa?!...
...Another pink boa picture...
...And another...
You may think that life as a little Crocodile Hunter is all fun and games, but it can be very tiring for this little girl. Flying from country to country is hectic stuff so a well deserved sleep is needed.
Bindi is a real animal lover just like her mum and dad. She knows and recognises all of the animals and she can even make all of their relevant noises.
As the daughter of the Crocodile Hunter Bindi naturally is involved in the filming of "The Crocodile Hunter" and "Croc Files" series...
December '99 was Bindi's second Christmas. It was a full day of excitment and games. She arrived at Australia Zoo all prepared in her special Christmas dress and had loads of fun...
On special occasions Bindi gets the treat of dressing up and looking pretty. Terri and Bindi always are the hit of any function. Here she is all ready to go to the Brisbane Tourism Awards in March '00.
In April '00 Bindi embarked on her lastest adventure, a special trip to Disneyland. She had so much fun that she decided to get into the spirit of things and dress up in her special Snow White outfit.

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