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As the horrific propaganda of sustainable use of native wildlife continues, and those people pushing it continue to attack me and threaten us, our world's precious wildlife is suffering as a result.

Since when has killing animals saved a species? The farming, killing, skinning and eating of native animals is a rife and evil industry, which operates under the cloak of science and lies. Crocodilian farmers claim that since they started farming and selling legal skins, meats and products, they have single-handedly saved crocodilian species from endangerment. This is the easiest lie to expose. In the countries that the croc farmers claim success, it's actually established protection laws and enforcement that protects these animals. Example: - Australian Crocodiles and American Alligators fully protected and policed in the 1970's. This is the truth of the Crocs and Gators recovery, protection by law!

Now for the worst possible news - BUSHMEAT! As a result of established wildlife and conservation organisations backing the sustainable use of wildlife and actually supporting the 'killing' of native wildlife, they have created a market. Third world nations now see examples of modern nations supporting killing, eating and wearing wildlife for money, so now they're doing it. The latest and most horrendous markets created are in Africa, South America and Asia where enforcement of laws is impossible and even though the animals may be protected, the policing agencies have neither the money or power to do anything. So mass wildlife slaughter takes place unchecked.

"Sustainable Use" of native wildlife in so-called modern nations like Australia and the U.S.A. has inadvertently created a multi-million dollar 'bushmeat' industry, where local people kill native wildlife for meat, skins and products. Please don't blame the local people; it's not their fault! They're simply hunting for much needed money. The greatest wildlife perpetrators of today's world are those behind the driving force of "Sustainable Use."

How are the Tiger Farms in Taiwan and China helping to save Tigers in India, S E Asia or Siberia? They are perpetuating the market in Tiger products, which is the single greatest reason for the endangerment of Tigers.

How are the Bear Bile farms helping Bears in Asia? Endangered.
How did Mink farms help Mink in Europe? Endangered.
How do Tuna farms help Blue-fin Tuna? Critically Endangered.

Since when has killing any animal saved it? If wildlife and conservation organisations continue to support "Sustainable Use," then "BUSHMEAT" industries and global endangerment's will continue until all the animals have gone.

We in the so-called modern world must set the examples. This current example we've set - that eating, killing and wearing wildlife products is legal and 'sustainable' is obviously the greatest disaster for today's wildlife. If we don't eliminate "Sustainable Use" now it will be too late.

If we can destroy the market, we'll destroy the industry. Historically the only reason spotted cats, like Leopards and Cheetahs are still found in the wild, is because of peer pressure. It became 'uncool' and controversial to wear spotted cat fur coats, so the market was destroyed and the industry suffered. Slowly, less and less Leopards and Cheetahs were being shot for their skins, and just as well or they would've been extinct 20 years ago.

If we can all refuse to buy, eat or purchase native wildlife products and express our disgust in the industry, then every single person can help slow down this incredibly disastrous wildlife atrocity.




Beautiful Girl Tragically Tortured Written by Steve Irwin Jan. 2000

In 1997, on a balmy still September night in the tranquil Australian bushland of the Northern Territories Tomkinson River (near the township of Maningrida), a gorgeous 16-year-old girl named Annie is alerted to the dull mechanical thud of a vehicle heading her way. Feeling nervous and a little insecure, Annie quietly slips into her home and listens.

The noise of the oncoming vehicle is piercing and threatening in her normally quiet peaceful harmonious Aussie bush home. It keeps coming louder and louder, closer and closer. She waits and listens anxiously. Her nerves and adrenaline heighten to a point where she cant take it any longer. She has to look. As she takes a peek, a bright spot light temporarily blinds her. Completely confused and dazed shes not sure what to do. Before she can react, a searing pain strikes her in the neck as two long sharp barbs of steel penetrate deep into her flesh. She reels in pain back into the security and familiarity of her home. Tearing at the barbs deep in her neck, she feels the strain of a cord running from the barbs to the vehicle and male voices of excitement.

Four desperate adult men pull at the cord as they shout, "We got her. We got her. Hang on to her. Keep the strain on!" They tug on the cord knowingly. Those men know she cant get the barbs out and its just a matter of wearing her down and dragging her to them. Struggling and resisting with all her might, the poor helpless girl is dragged to what she fears is certain torture and death. Exhausted, breathless, totally blinded by a spotlight thats right in her eyes, she is so weak she can hardly move, so starved for energy and air shes virtually frozen in fear and pain. Being dragged by the neck from her home is so traumatic; she doesnt feel the noose go around her head.

Exhilarated by the hunt, revelling in the thrill of the chase and amused by the fight of their prey, totally oblivious to her pain and fear and without remorse, the men mercilessly pull her into the vehicle. They gaffer tape her legs together; tie her arms together behind her back; tape her eyes shut and have her mouth gagged. Very, very happy with their prey, they head for their hideout. The most beautiful of girls is bound so tight that she goes from numb to excruciating pain, yet unable to utter a sound. Almost totally incoherent from cramps and searing pain, she hears the men shout, "Theres another one. Lets get her!" Whack they drive in the barbs and reel another in. Shes even younger and barely an adolescent, easily manhandled, bound and thrown in the vehicle.

'Imagine poor little Annie's nightmare and torment as she lies in pain and fear when they pull up.' The men manhandle her to a dusty old shed; throw her on the ground and mill around smoking and laughing for what seems like hours. Then she hears it! Sssskkk a rifle is loaded and cocked. Annie feels the cold steel of the barrel touching her head. "No not there, you have to shoot them here one man exclaims." "Here?" the other man questions. "Yeah. Thats it, now angle it up towards her brain." "Yeah, thats it" he directs. BOOM! Her torture and torment is finally over but while shes still twitching, they skin her.

No one mourned the death of Annie. No one will shed a tear at her passing or even remember her. No one cares that Annie died so horrifically because Annie was a crocodile.


By F W Huchzermeyer Dr med vet, PhD

29 June 2001



Under normal circumstances pathogenic bacteria are transported through the intestinal mucosa either at the sites of gut associated lymphatic tissue and presented as antigen for the production of local antibodies, or by macrophages into the blood circulation and presented as antigen for the production of humoral antibodies (Vasquez-Torres et al., 1999).

As a separate phenomenon under conditions of severe stress intestinal bacteria apparently enter the bloodstream more easily, although the exact mechanism still is unclear (to me at least). When the animal recovers from the stress, normal immune functions eliminate these bacteria again. However, if the immune functions remain suppressed, either by continuing or repeated stress or by cold, the bacteria can carry on multiplying and eventually will settle in various organs and tissues.

Crocodiles are highly sensitive to stress and under farming conditions are easily exposed to stress Septicaemia. The present case happened recently on a South African crocodile farm where the young crocodiles were reared indoors at a constant temperature of 32°c.
The farmer received an order for a certain number of skins and wanting to supply top grade skins only, he caught every day for 10 days a small number of crocodiles from one pen and examined their bellies before taking the chosen crocodiles to be slaughtered. Ten days after the last crocodiles had been slaughtered one of the survivors became "paralysed", unable to move. The next day there were three more cases and in the following days a large number. Two live "paralytic" crocodiles were submitted to a laboratory and were found to suffer from polyarthritis. Morganella morganii, a normal gut inhabitant, was isolated from joints and internal organs. A few days later some of the crocodiles in the adjacent pen also developed arthritis.

Since it is not possible to treat a bacterial arthritis by oral administration of antibiotics and to prevent further losses the farmer was advised to slaughter as soon as possible all the affected crocodiles without causing further stress by shooting them in the pen and to discard the meat.

Not only the crocodiles which were caught but also those which witnessed the capture suffered from severe stress (fear, fright), even in the adjacent pen, and many of them repeatedly developed a stress Septicaemia, while the daily repetition of the stressful event prevented a recovery. Consequently the bacteria could successfully establish themselves, in this case in the joints. Some bacteria have certain tissue preferences and the synovial cavities (joints) also are less accessible to immune cells and humoral antibodies.

Stress Septicaemia in conjunction with temporary immune suppression probably is the most important mechanism for bacterial infections in crocodiles. The mechanisms involved in this phenomenon need to be investigated further.

References, Vasquez-Torres. A. J. Jones-Carson, A. J. Baumler, S. Falkow, R. Valdivias, W. Brown, M. Le, R. Berggren, W. A. Parks & F. C. Fang 1999. Extraintestinal dissemination of Salmonella by CD18-expressing phagocytes. Nature, 401, 804-808 - F. W. Huchzermeyer, P O Box 12499 Onderstepoort 0110 South Africa. <>


A New Age for the Apex Predator
By Steve Irwin

1 January 2000



Gidday, I'm Steve Irwin and today is the first day of the new millennium. It is my aim to start this brand new century with the greatest conservation effort of my life. Apex predators are right at the top of the food chain – animals like sharks, big cats, bears, snakes and crocodiles. My aim is to promote the conservation of these magnificent animals from now until the day I die. If I can help the world protect predator populations then all of the species in the food chain and their immediate environments will benefit and flourish. By conserving apex predators and their wilderness areas, our planet earth will have less polluted water, less ozone depletion, less habitat destruction and more trees. In essence by securing these goals, we the human race will have oxygen to breathe, water to drink and a greater healthier longevity. I'm starting with the species I love and know the most – crocodiles. Crocodiles will be and always have been the love of my life. Considering 17 of the 22 species in our world are endangered, I believe my backyard (Northern Australia) is the best place to start.

The Australian saltwater crocodile was on the verge of extinction in the 1960’s. By 1970, they were critically endangered and would have been tilted over the point of no return if drastic measures weren't taken. Finally in the 1970’s, the Australian saltwater crocodile was officially protected. The Australian government activated legislation which fully protected crocodiles. Thank God they did. Crocodile populations, although hanging by a thread, showed signs of recovery.

The Australian saltwater crocodile has an incredibly complex social structure. They are impossible to study in the wild under the deep dirty water and at night. Today is the very first day of the year 2000 and I believe that over the next 1000 years, we will still not completely understand the intricacies of their behaviour in the Australian wilderness. However one trait is blatantly obvious, very easily studied, well documented and I see it every time I enter the wild crocodile habitat. The Australian saltwater crocodile (Aussie nickname “Salty”) are highly territorial. The biggest, oldest, wisest dominant male salty, which until recently had the capacity to exceed 20 feet in length, ruled. These massive old male crocs were the supreme rulers, the kings of their domain. They are the largest reptiles left on our earth, modern day dinosaurs, the most powerful and awesome animal in the world. Archosaurs dating back over 100 million years – truly the ruling reptiles. Imagine the tenacity, the instincts, the sheer pinnacle of evolution that crocodilians possess to see them surviving the extinction of the dinosaurs and still here in our natural world in the year 2000. They are still here for one and only one reason; they are territorial and the biggest dominant male is the king – he rules!!! While the Australian wilderness areas contained these huge reptiles, the ecosystems were pristine and balanced. There was a harmony and tranquillity. Every single species from the apex predators all the way down to the zooplankton were healthy and flourished.

At the end of World War II, crocodiles were slaughtered on sight. It's human nature that the biggest is the greatest “trophy” and that disgusting human trait still exists. By 1970, “king salties”, those in excess of 18 feet, were decimated. In fact the next dominant crocs the “princes”, those over 16 feet, were rare and so scared for their lives they disappeared. They saw their grandfathers and fathers shot, snared, decapitated and ruthlessly slaughtered. They witnessed their grandmothers, mothers and sisters wounded, maimed and murdered by men with bright lights, high-powered rifles, boats and snares that cut their heads off. The natural balance of the Australian wilderness was destroyed. The kings were dead and what few princes were left fled for their lives. A genocide had taken place.

Right now, on this first day of the year 2000 here in my backyard in the State of Queensland, the Australian saltwater crocodile is classified as “vulnerable”. They are one step away from endangered, two steps away from extinction. In nearly 30 years of protection, Queensland’s salties are still in dire straits. I travel to the absolute remotest wilderness areas of this state and can count the number of 16 feet plus crocodiles on the entire east coast of Australia on one hand.

The atrocious propaganda established about crocodilians I will now expose. The PROPAGANDA - here comes the hideous propaganda. I know this is about to upset a lot of powerful, influential people. It’s a given that I am about to receive a full tilt attack on every single facet of my life. From this day on, I will be knifed in the back at every level. But I’m not scared. The time has come for me to expose the current “Hitlers of Wildlife”. My dad and God have prepared me for the immense personal attacks I am about to receive. “Bring it on wildlife perpetrators” you are about to be exposed. Historically, it has been easy to see wildlife perpetrators as civilized people who view native animals as nothing but vermin or a means of making money. They were obvious and perhaps 30 years ago, we the human race didn’t understand the disastrous impact we were having on our only earth. Now the wildlife perpetrators, the people directly responsible for wildlife genocide and mass endangerment globally, have an incredibly cryptic camouflage. They are really, really hard to see. But I see you. Yes! I see you and every single day more and more people can see you. Pretty soon hundreds of millions of people will see you. Your camouflage, your propaganda, will only last a little longer. We’re on to you and we’re coming for you. Together we are strong. “Sustainable Use” of native wildlife is your camouflage, your disguise and your propaganda. Since when has the slaughter of native animals saved a species? Never has and never will! Your argument that farming apex predators like tigers for their penis, bears for their gall bladders, crocodiles for their skins is protecting and conserving the species is easily the greatest lie of the millennium. Farming apex predators is the most horrendous torture any animal has ever endured. Tigers, bears, crocs, etc. are territorial and cramming them in like battery chickens is so horrendously cruel on the individual’s mentality that their inevitable death is their only relief.

The TRUTH, the plain and simple truth is the fact that while these so called “Sustainable Use” farms continue to supply native wildlife products then the demand will never cease. These farms are fuelling the market. Can you believe these “Wildlife Nazis” want sustainable use of whales? Oh my God, where will it stop? Wildlife has been evolving since the dawn of time and so have wildlife perpetrators. Now, they hide behind the facade called science. Within their wildlife product industry they employ scientists, young academics and graduates who conduct research designed to support their industry. It’s there that their science follows funding. Their science and research doesn’t follow fact nor the obvious. Money and greed is the root of all this evil. Just look at nations who claim that the slaughter of whales is scientific.

Every single person can help Mother Earth in a very powerful, rewarding manner. Never purchase native wildlife products. Always question the legitimacy of slaughtering native wildlife for conservation or science. I understand that the questions will flood in. As delicate, hard-to-answer questions crop up, we will continue to evolve and overcome as we humans have done since we first walked the earth. Questions like: what skins, meat, and animal products should we consume? My answer would be only those species which have been domesticated for centuries (e.g. cows, chickens and sheep). However, there is no excuse for any inhumane cruel or torturous treatment of any animal. Perhaps free-range chickens are a solution worth researching.

We the human race have evolved beyond cannibalism and slavery. I’m confident we will continue to evolve beyond “Sustainable Use” and wildlife abuse. Let’s start this new millennium with foresight and embrace this next 1000 years as our transition. If we consider all our planet’s inhabitants worth saving, ultimately we will save ourselves.





Background (top)

On February 11th 2000, Steve’s mum, Lyn Irwin, was tragically killed in a single vehicle accident. Lyn, along with her husband Bob, created and built Australia Zoo in 1970. Lyn was a true matriarch. She laid down the original foundation and core values that are still the driving force behind Australia Zoo today.

Australia Zoo will miss you Lyn!

Steve Irwin speaks out about his mum (top)

We love you Lyn Irwin (Mum) more than anything in the world. The pain of your tragic sudden death will never wane.
You are the most beautiful, loving, nurturing, and caring person to have ever blessed this world. Your commitment to family, friends and of course your wildlife is the greatest gift in history.

When you established Australia Zoo back in 1970, you started a conservation revolution.

I’m not really sure how Dad and I are going to make it without you. Luckily your daughters, grandchildren, close family and friends have learned from you the essence of life – LOVE, PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM.

For as long as we live, we will do what you would want us to do. When times or decisions get tough, we’ll close our eyes and listen for your voice to help us through.

We have never felt pain like this before and I’m sorry, so sorry Mum, but we’ll grieve for you forever.

Thanks mate! I look forward to being reunited with you wherever you are. I’ll try to keep Dad going. We’re surrounded by the strongest family – YOUR CREATION.

As Australians or visitors to Australia, every single time you admire a native Australian animal – LYN LIVES!

Steve Irwin

In Memory of Lyn Irwin (top)

Australian wildlife conservation was Lyn Irwin’s true passion. Throughout her life Lyn established wildlife techniques that are still in practice today at Australia Zoo. In continuing Lyn Irwin’s efforts for wildlife, The Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund was created in the year 2000. Donations to this fund went towards Australia Zoo’s state of the art hack out facility. Five acres of fenced habitat provided rehabilitated animals with food and shelter allowing them to roam freely aiding in their safe return to the wild. The facility was one of Queensland’s largest supporting a myriad of Australian native species.

The Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund existed specifically for wildlife rehabilitation in memory of Lyn Irwin. This fund existed many years prior to the establishment of not-for-profit charity, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

A major project of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors is the Australian Wildlife Hospital, which was opened in March 2004 and inspired by the memory of Lyn Irwin. It was her dream to establish a wildlife hospital, and unfortunately this was not realised until after Lyn passed away. Lyn’s dream now provides a lifeline for nature's innocent victims – her work lives on through Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

All donations can be made payable to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. For more information, please visit




Terri and I were being flown to Wellington in New Zealand by the World Wide Fund for Nature (W.W.F.) to lend our support and to launch their campaign to Ban Whaling in the Great Southern Ocean.

PLEASE, Please if anyone reads this we need your support. They're killing our whales. Whaling in this Ocean has to stop. It is a barbaric and ruthless slaughter of our kindred spirits. I've cried when I've seen it, and now I can't watch it. It is an atrocity that has to stop NOW! It may already be too late but we've got to stand up and fight.

Terri and I were on Tasmania's West Coast Beach, near the tiny town of Marrawah, in the near cyclonic winds of the Roaring Forties, battling the seas to save 35 Sperm Whales, which stranded on the 20th of this month (February, 1998). Drenched and frozen we sat in the surf amongst the dying whales, crying. It was hopeless. All the machinery available couldn't save a whale. Not one. They died before our very eyes. We were belittled by the shear enormity of the surf, seas and the magnificent marine mammals. I cry for these whales and I'm really, really sorry that I couldn't save them. My life for theirs. I would have done anything, absolutely anything to help them. Yes, we risked the elements and Terri very nearly got crushed by a huge male rolling on top of her. Who cares? What matters to us is sharing our experiences with you so we can solve the science and learn to live in harmony with our ever diminishing Natural World.

If there was ever a moment you felt horrified about ruthless, money hungry, Whalers blasting the precious cetaceans with exploding harpoons, then watching the baby whale entangled in its mothers dying entrails before they're both electrocuted to death - then PLEASE, PLEASE contact World W.W.F with your support. They can be contacted at:

World Wide Fund for Nature (W.W.F.), Chris Howe, P.O. Box 6237, Wellington NZ

Terri, Sui and I, and the Whales of the world thank you with all our hearts for the opportunity you are now taking to get to know us. THANK YOU. Please think of us in Wellington. We'll be doing the best we can for the rest of our lives.

Steve Irwin