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Daddy's Little Girl


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It's amazing to watch Bindi as she's growing up with a natural love for all animals. She gently rocks and sings to the new baby Burmese Pythons here at Australia Zoo. She lets the koala sniff her hand before she pets him. Bindi's affinity with wildlife is uncanny. She knows instantly if an animal is in trouble and cries until the problem is fixed. Even before she could talk, she became distressed when a bird accidentally flew into a building - we all had to stop what we were doing and safely remove the bird.

While filming tarantulas in California, Bindi had the chance to hold one. It sat quietly on her arm for several minutes. When we finished filming, we showed her how to release it back into the wild. She cried for it for the next half hour!

But my favourite encounter happened at home after a day of filming in a swamp. Bindi proudly held up a fully engorged leech that had fallen out of Steve's sock. I quickly grabbed it to toss it out, when the tears started to flow. So, as a family, we went into the backyard and released that plump little leech. Bindi was content that we had done the right thing. We could all learn a lesson from such open, honest, innocent love.

God bless you little Bindi. You're not even two years old yet and already you've filled our lives with so much happiness. Think of the adventures to come!

Terri Irwin