Bet you haven't seen every episode! Here are some of the hairy adventures Steve and Terri have had.

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Never seen before footage of Steve’s home movies.

Steve is bitten on the face by an angry python and on the foot by a crocodile!

Steve goes in search on the Komodo Dragon – the world’s largest and most dangerous land lizard!

Steve and Terri check out Queensland’s Cape York.

Steve takes on a journey to find the Black Mamba – Africa’s venomous snakes.

Steve embarks on a expedition from the coastal mangroves on New Guinea to stumble upon kangaroos, turtles and cus cus.

Steve and his Australia Zoo croc team go to the rescue of two crocs living in horrendous conditions in East Timor!

Steve saves Wes’s life as Graham launches from the water and badly maules him!

Steve spends some time with a female Orangutan and her baby!


  Volume 1 'The story behind Steve Irwin'
Steve's Story
Big Croc Diaries
  Volume 2 'Steve's Scariest moments'
Wildest Home Videos
Steve and the Dragon
  Volume 3 'Steve's Aussie adventures'
Australia's Wild Frontier
Journey to the Red Centre
  Volume 4 'Deadly snakes'
Africa's Deadliest Snakes
Sidewinders of Arizona
  Volume 5 'Jungle Steve'
Jungle in the Clouds
Faces in the Forest
  Volume 6 'A crocodile's revenge'
Crocodiles of the Revolution
Graham's Revenge


Steve the star was born after a chance encounter with his friend, a television producer who was filming in the Park for TV. In true Steve style they took a punt and the first documentary, "The Crocodile Hunter" was produced in 1992. The tremendous success of this one program quickly encouraged the making of more and so over the next 3 years, 10 one hour episodes were made and on television screens all over the world. Steve has now filmed 50 episodes of "Crocodile Hunter", 52 episodes of "Croc Files", and his next project will be an animated series.


Steve: "Our aim is to continue producing more wildlife programmes to entertain and enlighten. We'll take the audience to some of the wildest and remotest territories in the world. The time has come when all of us must be accountable. We don't own the planet Earth, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife. It's obvious that every man, woman and child can contribute to the well being of our native wildlife and the planet through simple day-to-day stuff such as recycling, chemical and pollution awareness, and not wasting water. Terri and I eat, sleep and live for wildlife. Our love, passion, and devotion is to educate and share with the world our magnificent - often threatened or sometimes threatening - wildlife. Our job in this world is to bring misunderstood and feared animals (as well as the cute and cuddlies) right into your house, so that we can share and learn about the world's wildlife.

Terri: "Steve and I are very lucky to live and work with what we love best. Zoo life definitely has its ups and downs but there is nothing else we'd rather be doing. It's our goal and our passion to open everyone's hearts to love and care for wildlife for generations to come."


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