Steve feeding a Saltwater Crocodile during
a show at Australia Zoo
Steve and Terri filmed their first wildlife documentary on their honeymoon! That's right, they shared their honeymoon with a camera crew and caught rogue crocs!
Steve and Terri's daughter Bindi Sue was named after Steve's favourite crocodile Bindi and his dog Sui!
Steve exclusively wears Timberland boots cause they are almost as tough as he is!
Steve's best friend Wes is the Director of Australia Zoo! He keeps things on track when Steve and Terri are away from the Zoo! What a ripper!
Steve reckons his scariest moment was getting married! He was sweating bullets in front of the priest!
When Steve isn't out catching crocs he loves jet skiing! Steve is a dry suit certified diver!
Terri is a fully qualified vet nurse
In the early days, Kelsey used to feed the crocs at the Zoo when Steve and Wes were away catching rogue crocs in North Queensland!
Steve saved his best mate Wes' life when he was attacked by Graeme the croc during a flood at Australia Zoo!
Bindi Irwin had been on over 300 flights by her 5th birthday! Wooo-hoo!
Briano and Kate from the Croc Hunter diaries are now married! Congratulations!
Robert Clarence was named after Steve's father Robert and Terri's father Clarence. He turns 5 this December!
Wes and Jodie from the Croc Hunter Diaries have now welcomed their first child, Riley! What a ripper!
Steve starred next to Eddie Murphy in the movie Dr Doolittle 2!
Steve's dad gave him a video camera so that he could film himself catching crocs when he was in North Queensland... it was these films that inspired producer John Stainton to start the Croc Hunter series!
Kelsey is now married to "Birdy Brett" who is head of Birds at Australia Zoo and they spent a whole month in Africa on their honeymoon! What a beauty!