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January 2003

I reckon this is how Steve learned to surf. Bindi loves her boogie board.

February 2003

Bindi gives Edna a big hug.

March 2003

Bindi learning some tips form Bob the Builder .


Bindi with a Red-necked Wallaby.


Bindi with a Shingle-Back Lizard.

April 2003

Bindi with a Ring-tailed Possum.

May 2003

Harriet loves her hibiscus flowers.

June 2003 

After a hard day of helping daddy with wildlife conservation work in the bush, Bindi curls up for a snooze in the back of his very uncomfortable truck!


Using her muscles. Bindi helps the boys with a croc which is 3m long. ‘Crocs Rule'.


Dad and I watch the croc boys doing their job.


Paul is helping Mark by holding the croc down while Mark undoes the tape on the croc. Girls and boys don't worry we're not hurting the croc.


While the croc boys are catching a croc dad and I are having rest and watching and learning. ‘Can you believe dad's still learning too!'.


I am helping to put a satellite transmitter on a croc. This transmitter will help us find the croc again.


I am helping to hold the croc because there is not enough men. I watch and listen carefully.


I am with Jai. I am helping him hold the croc and saying cheez to the camera.


I am watching and learning from dad as he helps to capture the croc .


Mark is measuring a little ‘Freshy'. Mum is watching.


Mark Reed and I are putting special spray on the crocodiles sore nose.


I am helping the poor little croc. He has a sore nose.


Bindi helps Trevor hold the croc.


Bindi watches Andrew catch a croc .


Bindi gives friend Shelley a cuddle, Hannah, Shelley's daughter is asleep next to us.


I am looking at the croc to make sure he's ok I tell him he's going to be ok.


I am watching Brian hold the croc down. He is securing the crocs mouth so it doesn't bite.


Nurse Bindi helps the injured croc by putting special cream on it's nose to stop the bleeding.


‘Smile mum'. Bindi and Terri say cheez for the camera.

July 2003

Humphrey loves to spend time with Bindi.

August 2003

Bindi got this Blue Tongue Lizard off the road on the way to one of our conservation properties. She found a fantastic wood pile to release him in.

September 2003

Bindi had to help her daddy build an airstrip on one of our conservation properties. Now we can get wildlife back out in the bush even quicker!

October 2003

Bindi's best buddy Benam. He can ride a horse, a motorbike, and loves wildlife.

November 2003

Bindi spending some time with Harriet.

December 2003

Bindi's idea of a white Christmas. This is her favorite Burmese Python, Jenny.

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