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January 2005
Bindi with Sheba - Click for enlargement

Sheba is one of Australia Zoo's new cheetah cubs. She and Bindi have really hit it off. They love to play tag and hide and seek. Sheba starts to purr as soon as she sees Bindi!

February 2005
Bindi with her baby doll, Indiana - Click for and enlargement

Indiana is Bindi's favourite doll. Ok, she's not just a doll. Bindi takes care of her like a real baby. She feeds Indiana, bathes her and changes her diaper. Indiana has even come with us to help catch crocodiles!

March 2005
Bindi decided to show her dad how it's done

While we were heading to Westbore (our 80,000 acre conservation property in Queensland's Brigalow Belt) Bindi decided to show her dad how it's done. She successfully wangled this huge bearded dragon off the road, where it was sure to get squished, and released it in a safe place.

April 2005
Bindi decided that her favorite tulips were the pink ones

The whole family got to go with Steve on a filming trip to Amsterdam. The Netherlands is so beautiful in the Spring when all the tulips are in bloom. Bindi decided that her favorite tulips were the pink ones. While Holland’s history is rich and amazing, Bindi was most impressed that it is home to one of her favorite cartoon characters: Miffy the bunny rabbit. Bindi became a real little Dutch girl, wearing her pink clogs and visiting every yummy bakery!

May 2005
Bindi in front of the Eiffel tower

How lucky are we? After Steve finished his filming in Europe, he had to head straight back to Australia. Luckily for the rest of the Irwin family, we were able to take our time and spend nearly two weeks in Paris. The kids loved EuroDisney and we all enjoyed seeing the city’s icons. Bindi’s favorite was the Eiffel tower. Although the lines were too long to go up it, there were some great playgrounds next to it!

June 2005
Bindi holding Carma

It's official! Karma the Brush-tailed Possum is Bindi's favourite animal at Australia Zoo. When Bindi had the oppportunity to pick any animal to hang out with her for a Bindi Wear fashion photo shoot, it was Karma who topped the list. Karma has been meeting visitors to Austraia Zoo for the past year or so as part of our wildlife encounter program. She's a possum who really loves people. When she isn't "working", she and Bindi spend hours together. Every weekend Bindi grabs a bowl of fruit to share with her best friend. Thanks to Karma, Bindi eats healthy too!

July 2005

Bindi and Terri Irwin with Bindi's scrap bookBindi’s Aunt Joy decided to celebrate the first seven years of Bindi’s life with a beautiful scrapbook. Bindi spent her birthday enjoying photos of Steve holding a brand new baby Bindi in the hospital, family holidays, and loved ones (like Nanna and Gran) who passed away when Bindi was still young. When I asked Bindi what was the best part of her birthday she said, “The joy of my family”.

August 2005

Bindi restraining an adult crocodileBindi was lucky enough to take an active role with our latest crocodile research project. The objective was to trap crocodiles (like this 9 ½ foot female) and attach a time/depth recorder to the nuchal scutes. This would enable us to study how long and how deep a Saltwater Crocodile dives underwater.

Bindi had plenty of back up from her Grandpa (Poppy) and Zoo staff. While she held the croc’s front legs up, the croc was blindfolded to keep her settled. This was the first time Bindi was involved in restraining adult crocodiles. They may have been the smaller female crocs, but it was a tremendous accomplishment for Bindi just the same!

Well done Bindi!

September 2005

Bindi at the ceremonyIt was a beautiful day to honour and remember Australia Zoo’s artist extraordinaire, Slavko. Bindi was present for the ceremony to spread Slav's ashes at the Zoo and help plant a tree behind his memorial rock. Slav was extra special to Bindi as they would get together every week for art lessons and to discuss life in general. Although Slav lost his battle with cancer, he will always remain in our hearts and his beautiful work is all around us at Australia Zoo.

October 2005

Bindi with all the rubbishSteve took the whole family to the tip of Cape York for an expedition onboard his research vessel Croc One. Bindi discovered that even the most remote beaches suffer from pollution, with tons of rubbish washing up from Southeast Asia. The most lethal were the miles of ghost nets, torn from fishing boats and continuing to catch and kill sea creatures until they finally wash up on land. The amount of garbage was daunting. We did the best we could but still only got rid of a fraction of this huge problem.

November 2005

Bindi NovemberBindi and Steve were very lucky to get a different perspective at Mount Rushmore National Park. They were among the very few invited to visit the top of this sculpted mountain. This was during a film shoot for the Travel Channel and the view is from behind George Washington’s head. Amazing!

December 2005

Bindi DecemberBindi Takes us on an adventure to Praire Dog country

December 2005

Bindi helps promote Robert's birthday Bindi helps promote Robert's birthday