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January 2004
Robert is wearing the beautiful yellow sash and prayer flag that the Tibetan Nuns gave him. His blessing ceremony was very moving. It involved the entire Irwin family and about 5000 guests visiting Australia Zoo.
February 2004
Bindi holds up a newly hatched saltwater crocodile for Robert to meet.
March 2004
The Irwin family gears up for Easter with Bindi the rabbit and Robert the bilby.
April 2004
Robert loves hanging out with Steve's best mate, Wes. Hopefully Robert's snappy dress style will rub off on Wes.
May 2004
Visiting a cotton field on the way to one of our conservation properties in Central Queensland.
June 2004
Let's hope when Bindi does the laundry that she doesn't hang her brother out to dry!
July 2004
With the help of one of Australia Zoo's security team, Robert masters the pony ride. Note Robert's rippling leg muscles… he's a real cowboy.
August 2004
Robert is more interested in showing off his teeth than checking out the Burmese Python.
September 2004

Robert knows that if he’s going to be the next Crocodile Hunter it means lots of working out. Being big and strong is a great goal, but Robert is a bit optimistic with these weights.

October 2004

For Halloween Robert decided to be ‘Count Duckula’. It’s hard to be scary when you can’t walk yet!

November 2004

Robert demonstrates the correct way to wrangle a crocodile while modeling his very own fashionable Bob and Bindi Wear.

December 2004

Bindi is gearing up to help Robert tackle his Humphrey Bear birthday cake. We’re celebrating in Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum right before the Croc Show. There’s just no keeping baby Bob away from those crocs!

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