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January 2005
Robert riding a motorbike

At just 13 months old, Robert is demonstrating his ability at stunt riding.

February 2005
Robert and Bindi Irwin

There's nobody that Robert loves more than his big sister. He rides behind her on her little four wheeler, he shares his lunch with her, and he even helps to walk her dollies in the doll stroller. Robert is also developing a real sense of humour. He loves to sneak up behind Bindi and tickle her on the neck, then they both laugh and fall over! I think the only thing better than having a child is having two!


March 2005
Robert asleep in his pram

Considering Robert's schedule, it's no wonder he needs a nap. Every day he goes to work at Australia Zoo. This isn't too hard because he lives right in the middle of the Zoo. His morning consists of quality control checks. He tests the two playgrounds, jumping castle, Steve Irwin car ride, petting zoo, 25 foot (7.62 metres) Crocodile replica and Steve's Safari Shuttle. And that’s all before lunch! Even with all those rippling leg muscles, Robert has to sit down from time to time!

April 2005
Steve and Robert Irwin

It's funnny how kids love to perfom any funny trick that gets a reaction. Every time someone yells "Crikey!" Robert shoots his arms in the air. I don't care how many times you sing out, those arms will out-"Crikey" You every time! Robert also has a few words of his own. "Digga" is any machine that digs in the dirt. "Indi" is Bindi, who is the first person he asks for when he wakes up in the morning, and my personal favourite "Dock-Dile" which, of course, is crocodile.

May 2005
Robert and Terri Irwin on a merry-go-round

Robert absolutely loved visiting France, it didn't matter that he couldn't speak French (he couldn't speak English!). He would flirt with all the women shamelessly. EuroDisney was a stack of fun and Robert soon learned that holding a ticket meant going on a ride. He especially enjoyed the merry-go-round and would proudly wave his red ticket before giving it to the attendant. Paris was nothing less than amazing, from puppet shows to playgounds, Robert experienced it all. What an incredible trip!

June 2005
Robert and Kato

The Common Wombat is the world's largest burrowing mammal and its closest relative is the koala. The Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat is one of the most endangered animals on the planet, with only about 100 individuals left. We're doing our part here at Australia Zoo with breeding programs for both the Common Wombats and the Southern Hairy-nosed wombats. Robert is happy to get to play with one of our young Common Wombats, 'Kato'. Robert likes to feed Kato carrots and dig in the sandpit with her. He also likes to help out when the wombat keepers put Kato's harness on to take her for a walk. It's always funny to see Robert and Kato strolling around the Zoo. Just a boy and his overgrown guinea pig!

July 2005
Robert enjoying the pogo stick

Here at Australia Zoo our security team is like part of the family. So Bindi went to Dan and Kyle to mention (about a thousand times) that she’d like a pogo stick for her birthday. When the big day finally arrived, sure enough, the guys came through with the goods. The only catch was Robert. As soon as he saw Bindi enjoying her pretty purple pogo stick he couldn’t wait to grab Dan and have a turn. Now Dan can add a new skill to his resume: head of security, mixed martial arts master, crocodile wrangler and pogo stick accessory!


August 2005

Robert demonstrates his new found skill with joy!While everyone else was busy doing research on Saltwater Crocodiles, Robert spent his time in the Cape doing his own study on lizards. After spending time trying to catch every skink and dragon he came across, Robert finally worked it out: don’t try to capture them by hand. The best technique was to use the bark off a tree to scoop them up without them even noticing. Robert demonstrates his new found skill with joy!


September 2005

Robert demonstrates his new found skill with joy!Ongoing construction at Australia Zoo means more work for everyone, including Robert. He's part of the team setting up barracades while the new teacup ride is being built. You'll notice that Robert is wearing his Buzz Lightyear safety shoes - they must be good because Robert asks for them every morning. The trouble is, Robert can't say "Buzz Lightyear" so every morning he asks for "Bud Light"!


October 2005

Robert demonstrates his new found skill with joy!What a wonderful time we had riding on the train, known as the Ghan, from Darwin to Adelaide. Robert and I even got to explore Katherine Gorge during one of the train's stopovers. Robert loved running along the walkways at top speed, even though it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit! All our new adventures on the Ghan will be featured on the Travel Channel next year.


November 2005
Robert is enjoying the sand at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We had a blast filming for the Travel Channel, but Robert couldn’t get his mind around the fact that these dunes were in Colorado and that it wasn’t the beach!

Robert is enjoying the sand at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We had a blast filming for the Travel Channel, but Robert couldn’t get his mind around the fact that these dunes were in Colorado and that it wasn’t the beach!

December 2005

Robert demonstrates how to transport a Tiger.

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