May 2005

Western Bulldogs and Australia Zoo Big Cats

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AFL team, the Western Bulldogs and the Australia Zoo big cats

Glasshouse Country News, May 12 2005


News Source: Glasshouse Country News, page 4, May 12 2005

AFL team, the Western Bulldogs and Australia Zoo big cats reunited last Friday when Bulldogs Chris Grant, Brian Harris and Ryan Hargrave came back to the zoo for a second time. When they first visited 12 months ago, the tigers were cubs, now a lot bigger and wiser, the tigers weren’t scared to show the players what they were made of.

Tigers Khan, Manas, Juma, Ranu and Singha were made honorary pet members of the Melbourne based club and were given leashes and a drinking bowl. On the day, player and former captain Chris Grant said he would like to be able to move as fast as the big cats when he plays the Brisbane Lions in their upcoming match on Saturday, these words must have done the team well- when they beat the Lions in Brisbane.