November 2005

Big Cats Too Young For Movie

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Big Cats Too Young For Party

Sunshine Coast Daily, November 2005


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, Sunday November 12 2005

MOVIE buffs won’t be the only ones running in to watch the latest Ralph Fiennes film on Sunday – Australia Zoo’s cheetahs Sheeba and Chloe also want in on the action.

There’s just one problem. The two playful cats are underage for the M-rated movie The Constant Gardener, which is set in Kenya.

“They’re only 14 months old, so they can’t stay and watch,” said the Zoo’s carnivore manager, Bruce Murdock.

But the pair will be allowed in the Birch Carroll & Coyle cinema at 10am, before the film starts, to bring a touch of realism to the screen imagery.

Money raised from the $10 screening will go to the Zoo’s endangered cheetah program.