September 2005

Bindi's Going Solo

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Bindi's going solo- Croc man's daughter the new face of Australia Zoo

Sunshine Coast Daily, September 2005

Croc man’s daughter the ‘new face’ of Australia Zoo

News source: Sunshine Coast Daily, Wednesday September 7 2005
By: Amy Remeikis

SHE hates maths and doing her homework but loves going to grandma’s house because her cat just had kittens.

She also likes play time with her pets and spending time with her parents and baby brother.

Pretty normal comments from a seven-year-old.

But for Bindi Irwin, play time takes place in Australia Zoo, her pets include Karma the possum and spending time with her mum and dad, Steve and Terri Irwin, can mean jet setting around the world in search of all creatures great and small. And now it means a lead role in the zoo’s latest TV ad campaign.

But Australia Zoo’s original wild child takes it all in her stride.

“I like travelling and my favourite place is America because that’s where grandma lives,” she said.

Bindi is currently at home on the Coast, catching up on school work and spending time with her pet piglets and possum.

She divides her time between the US and the Sunshine Coast and is home-schooled to ensure she keeps up to date with her peers.

“We usually do extra, extra work so we can get ahead, because I’m going here and there and everywhere,” she said.

Her smile has been seen all over the world enticing people to meet her “pets” and she has recently made her solo debut in a television commercial, replacing her famous dad as the “face” of the zoo.

“In the ad I just invite all the kids to come over to my place to have some fun for the holidays,” she said.

But she is not sure of her own holiday plans just yet.

“I might be here, I don’t know yet. We make plans and then sometimes we have to change them so I don’t know,” she said.

She wants to be “just like my dad” when she gets older and to save endangered species.