December 2005

Bob Irwin's Birthday Party

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Bob Irwin's birthday party

The Sunday Mail , December 2005

‘Party People’ – Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast

News Source: The Sunday Mail, page 21, Sunday 4th December, 2005
By: Ken Lord

WORLD famous crocodile-razzer Steve Irwin, undisputed hero of Sun Coast tourism, organised this minor blitz to celebrate his baby boy's second year on the planet. While the weather held, the action roared off in the outdoor Crocoseum, Irwin's answer to the Roman revels of yore, most often staged in the mighty Coliseum. Humphrey B. Bear went into his act, hosted the cutting of the cake, and encouraged the kids to bellow their lungs to bits singing Happy Birthday! Before any cake could hit the plates, the skies opened up, the rain bucketed down, and Bob and his dad had to take cover. Ditto the guests, who couldn't have cared less. A starry time had by all!