April 2005

Boys Big Day Out At The Zoo

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Sunshine Coast Daily, April 7 2005


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, page 21, April 7 2005

Ten students from the Sunshine Learning Centre at Sunshine Beach State High School got up close and personal with wild animals at Australia Zoo recently.

The students are part of the Young Mans Group which meets once a week at the centre. There they learn about their community and practice team work and social skills. The trip to Australia Zoo was organised as a special activity, so the students could put their skills into practice.

Teachers Tony Althaus, Richard Fischer and Craig Ellis accompanied the ten boys on a bus, which was supplied by the Zoo. They received free entry into the Zoo and were looked after by Nicole Byrne, Steve Irwin’s personal assistant.

The students fed the camels and elephants and watched the tigers and the crocodiles, and the snakes.

“I’ve done a lot of things in my time, but this was a personal highlight, to see the excitement and joy on the faces of these young men,” said Tony Althaus.