September 2005

Busy Irwins put plans for new attractions on hold


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Busy Irwins put plans for new attractions on hold

The Courier Mail, September 2005


News Source: The Courier Mail, September 17 - 18 2005
By: Glenis Green

CROCODILE Hunter Steve Irwin’s plans to open a new zoo in Las Vegas and a themed attraction in Brisbane have been temporarily shelved while he pushes ahead with a multi-million-dollar expansion of his Australia Zoo at Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast.

His wife Terri said the family had so many projects “on the boil” that negotiations for their new US zoo and plans to also expand to Brisbane had taken a back seat.

“Right now we’re finishing up New Breed Vets – that’s a new show coming out in the US first off – looking at new innovative technology in veterinary medicine,” she said.

Work is also well under way for the next stage of Australia Zoo expansion showcasing animals from around the world, following on from the construction of the Crocoseum amphitheatre, tiger and elephant exhibits.

Terri Irwin said the next attraction to open would be an interactive island exhibit featuring Madagascan animals.

When expansion is complete in another five years or so the Zoo will feature Australian animals and exhibits themed around the Americas, Africa, South-East Asia and beyond.

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