June 2005

These Girls Know How To Dance

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These girls know how to dance

Sunshine Coast Daily, June 2005


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, page 3, June 28 2005

CRIKEY! Even the crocs were looking skyward at Australia Zoo yesterday as a group of young Texan cheerleaders were hurtled into the air to prove a point- that cheerleaders aren’t pom-pom waving bimbos.

Instead they’re extreme athletes and cheerleading is now a serious and physically demanding sport in the US.

The Texan troupe, the All Star cheerleaders, consists of 30 girls aged from eight to 21, from all over the Lone Star State, and they came to Australia specifically to show us what gritty stuff modern day cheerleaders are made of.

“We are here to educate you guys and to promote the athletic spirit of All Star competition cheerleading,” said Kim Bernard of Dallas Texas, the head coach and choreographer.

“We’ve shown Australians how exciting and extreme our sport is and we’ve got the message across that we are not just pom-pom wavers - it’s not part of our sport.  We are extreme athletes.”

Colby Hanks of Austin is the oldest cheerleader at 21, and she said it’s exciting to travel the world to see how people’s perspective of the sport changes as they watch the girls go through the moves.

“Fluffy pom-poms is something we’re not.  Acrobatics is the most accurate word to describe what we do,” Colby said.

The All Star Cheerleaders also appeared with the USA Grand National Hip Hop Dance Champions who are developing hip hop competitions.

The hip hop dance moves were choreographed by Marty Kudelka, who has been tour choreographer for Janet Jackson, N’SYNC, Pink, and Justin Timberlake.