October 2005

Church pays tribute to Steve

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The Courier Mail, October 2005


News Source: South Burnett Times, October 2005

As part of its Father's Day celebration the New Horizons Church in Murgon paid tribute to Australia Zoo's Steve Irwin.

The Church recognised him as a public figure who is quick to honour his parents and acknowledge the vital role his wife and children play in his life.

In an interview with Andrew Denton on ABC TV's Enough Rope (October 6, 2003) Steve said "I love my parents just so much, mate. You know, like my mum... How'd you be? I was born on her birthday, and all she ever did was just love me and prop me up and get me back out in there".

"And my dad – just the legend of the universe. When I was the tiniest little kid, I'd look up at my dad and he was larger than life. He was just like this action hero. He was everything I wanted to be.

"And all I've done in my life is follow in his footsteps, mimic him and try to be him.

"Nowadays I just try to make him proud, mate. Yeah, I love my parents like nothing else. They are everything to me – absolutely everything. And the day that my mum went was the day I lost something. I lost something really big...".

A certificate thanking Steve for being an enthusiastic and loving son, husband and father has been drawn by Danica Young, 12, from Wondai to send to the colourful character.

Cr Robert Eisenmenger represented Murgon Council and took the opportunity to commend the efforts of Mayor Warren Hubner who set out on a 500 km bike ride on Saturday to raise funds for Castra Home for the Aged.

Cr Eisenmenger reinforced the vital influence that fathers have in the development of their children. He said there were also father figures in the community who set standards for children to aspire to.

"A really good example is highly respected coach of the Broncos, Wayne Bennett. He puts as much emphasis on the whole of life attitudes and community expectations as he does on playing ability."

Pastor Miles Stanley said the New Horizons Church was committed to honouring people in the church and the community.

"We need to encourage those who are making a positive difference, serving and helping others to reach their potential," he said.

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