December 2005

Coast Fire Put Deb in the Zoo

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Coast Fire Put Deb in the Zoo

Sunshine Coast Daily , 26 December 2005


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, Monday 26 December 2005
By Angie Kay

Within five days of watching her job go up in flames at spotlight, Debbie Gardener has secured new and very different employment and been able to donate money herself to the Quid Christmas appeal – her response, she says, to the Coast’s overwhelming generosity.
Debbie now works feeding the elephants, among other things, at Australia Zoo. Speaking during her own lunch break, the Mooloolah sole carer of three children said she was amazed the difference just one week made in her life.
Debbie was among dozens of former Kawana employees who responded to Australia Zoo’s offer to provide some of them with jobs.

“I was told that Australia Zoo were offering temporary jobs and I called straight away,” she said.

“I attended an interview and they called the next day saying I had a job. Christmas would have been very tight for me without this work.”
Debbie, whose children are aged seven, 18 and 20, had previously worked in spotlight’s craft department.

And because of her good fortune, Debbie wanted to do what she could to help others.
“There was a man during the week who won $70 on Mix FM’s thousand dollars a minute and he said he wanted to donate that money to me,” she said. “But I gave that $70 to the Quid for Christmas Appeal because I have a job now and there are still people out there who don’t.”