November 2005

Crikey! Shouldn't You Guys be at the Gabba

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Crikey! Shouldn't you guys be at the Gabba

Sunshine Coast Daily, November 2005


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, Tuesday November 8 2005
By: Peter Gardiner

IT may not be crunch time yet in their Test series struggles but the West Indies, dubbed the Calypso Collapso Kings, must be able to feel the jaws of defeat closing tightly.

And if the side, humbled by the second biggest losing margin to Australia at the Gabba, wondered what it feels like to be in the permanent grip of top order predators like Glenn McGrath, Australia Zoo provided a taste of things to come.

A prime section of the promising but freshly pummeled Windies attack bowlers in Corey Collymore, Jermaine Lawson, Dwayne Smith and Fidel Edwards had a close encounter with the Zoo’s Cameron the crocodile.

With two tests remaining to salvage some pride, Collymore, Lawson and Edwards, who were savaged by Matt Hayden and Ricky Ponting in the second innings, are anything but sporting dead met… yet.

But with a near suicidal glee that reflected their team’s shot selection, the fast men could not wait to climb inside the jaws of Cameron. It mst be pointed out that Cameron – possibly like the Windies’ series chances – is stuffed… or at least a facsimile of a ferocious giant reptile that once lived up north.

The four bowlers, after failing to catch the eye of the tiger – in this case young Bengal brute Khan at the Zoo’s big cat display – sat in the Crocoseum hoping to get some ideas about how to snap up chances thrown their way.

Fidel said yesterday “the boys” were feeling the big loss and were determined to set things right.

After all, the last thing they want to do on this tour is to continue to look like cricketing crocks.