July 2005
Crikey, It's a Winner!

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The Sunday Mail , July 2005



News Source: The Sunday Mail, page 12, July 10 2005

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s eyes shine when he talks about the amazing animal pictures in Steve Irwin’s Animal Kingdom magazine collection.

“Mate, there is some of the best wildlife photography in the world sitting there. The shots are absolutely sensational,” he says with obvious pride.

“And that helps me promote global wildlife conservation.”

The internationally renowned animal-lover, pictured, who combined with The Sunday Mail to produce the stunning six-part magazine series, says Part 1 Predators, inside today’s newspaper, is particularly close to his heart. It contains a picture of his beloved saltwater crocodile.

“It’s the king. The king of Australia. The largest reptilian predator on the face of the Earth and probably the most formidable predator on the face of the Earth,” he says.

“It will always be king, mate. Absolutely.”

The magazine collection continues in The Sunday Mail for the next five weeks. Next Sunday will be Birds, followed by Sea Creatures, Reptiles, Mammals and Cute and Cuddly.

Each animal picture contains a fact file plus comments from Steve in his unmistakable style. The glossy magazines will delight all ages.

Readers will be able to buy special binders from newsagents in which to keep their collection.

To make sure you don’t miss out. Reserve your copies of The Sunday Mail with you newsagent or arrange home delivery by calling 1800 630 130.