July 2005

Steve Irwin Dead Against a Crocodile Cull

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Steve Irwin Dead Against a Crocodile Cull

Sunshine Coast Daily, August 20 2005


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, August 20 2005

CROCODILE Hunter Steve Irwin has strongly opposed calls for a croc cull following a fatal attack on a fisherman in north Queensland.

There have been demands for a crocodile cull following the suspected death of Townsville man Barry Jefferies in a Cape York waterway on Tuesday.

Mr Irwin said calls for a cull were “uneducated”.

“Crocodiles are apex predators and an important part of our ecosystem – without them our river systems and marine environment will suffer,” he said. “We need to have a better understanding of these dinosaurs before anyone makes uneducated calls for culling.”

Mr Irwin, who is in north Queensland on a satellite crocodile tracking research program, cautioned against a hasty call to arms against crocs.

“We have already taken them to the brink through hunting once before and we now have to learn everything about their secret lives so we can safely live with them into the future,” he said.

“Whilst this recent fatality in Lakefield is a shocking tragedy, and my deepest sympathy goes out to the wife and family of the missing man, we need to assess all of the information and circumstances surrounding this case and learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.”

State Environment Minister Desley Boyle also said a croc cull would not prevent future attacks.

But state Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg believes a cull is the only way to keep people safe.