Australia Zoo - Top Destination For International Tourists

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Trade 2005, 2005 Edition

Australia Zoo - Top Destination For International Tourists

News Source: Trade 2005, page 32, 2005 Edition

In 2004, Director and owner of Australia Zoo, Steve Irwin, accepted the Accor Tourism Export Award on behalf of his company.

Australia Zoo uses innovative products and promotion to attract international tourists to its facility in Queensland. Exports account for over 75 per cent of its earnings.

In 2003-04 international visitors to Australia Zoo increased by around 15 percent. Australia Zoo has grown from a family business in 1970 to a major attraction directly employing over 400 staff. The flow-on effects of its success to wider hospitality, transport and construction sectors are considerable. Australia Zoo plans to invest a further $40 million in its facilities in the coming decade.