September 2005

ET tackles crocs

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Busy Irwins put plans for new attractions on hold

The Sunday Mail TV Guide , September 2005


News Source: The Sunday Mail TV Guide, September 25 2005  
By Anooska Tucker-Evans

For Andrew Ettingshausen, coming face-to-face with a 3.6m crocodile is an experience he'll never forget.

"It was incredible – a lot of fun and a real adrenalin rush," he says.

The encounter is part of his fishing series Escape with ET, which will this year screen on Network Ten.

Leading the adventure was the Crocodile Hunter himself, Steve Irwin.

"The trip to the Lakefield National Park in far north Queensland with him was an opportunity that we couldn't really pass up."

The journey had the former footy player wrestling crocodiles with his bare hands and electronically tagging them for research.

"The first day we went out, we jumped on one and there was probably about 15 guys on it, and then when I went out with Steve there was only four of us."

But tackling dangerous creatures is only part of what's in store for the seventh series. "We're really trying to change things for this series and include a lot of information and research, as well as keeping it light-hearted and fun," Ettingshausen says.

As for his footy, the former rugby league star isn't seeing as much of it these days. "At the moment most of my time's spent pretty much fishing."

Escape with ET is on Saturday, at 4.30pm on Ten.

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