April 2005

Great Garage Sale

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Weekender Magazine, April 2005


News Source: Weekender Magazine, page 26, Friday 15th April 2005

It’s going to be a ripper day this Saturday as Beerwah prepares for its Great Garage Sale.

Beewah’s Great Garage Sale has become an annual event with businesses offering discounts and residents holding a more traditional garage sale.

Australia Zoo is joining in by offering a 10 per cent discount on all merchandise and holding a massive garage sale in their car park, with all proceeds going to The Koala and Wildlife Hospital.

Koala Care: The Koala and Wildlife Hospital is the first major project of the not-for-profit organisation, Wildlife Warriors Worldwide (previously called Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation). The hospital employs Australia’s top wildlife vets, vet nurses and wildlife carers to treat wildlife of any size or shape, particularly koalas whose numbers have diminished considerably.

Hospital manager, Gail Gipp says koalas are a priority at the hospital because they were declared a vulnerable species in March 2004. “That’s only one step below endangerment,” she says.

Wildlife Warriors: Wildlife Warriors Worldwide aims to conserve the species, habitat and individual animals. “What makes us unique is that unlike most vet practices, we don’t have to consult with an owner in regards to the cost when fixing an animal. Our job is to look at each animal on an individual basis and if we can help them, we do – no matter what the cost,” Gail enthuses. “Cost is not a factor.”

The Koala and Wildlife Hospital sometimes spend thousands of dollars on surgery and care for just one koala. Depending on the extent of the injury, koalas and other wildlife can stay in care at the hospital anywhere from an hour to several months. So dedicated is the team that last year they even performed surgery on a green tree frog.

Beaut Bargains: So head down, bag some fair dinkum bargains and help with the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals. Has there ever been a better excuse to shop?

Beerwah’s Great Garage Sale is a family day out. Make sure you check out all of the great stores in Beerwah and the plethora of home garage sales.

Look for the red balloons in Beerwah for the beast “beaut bargains” and “deadly discounts” in town. It’s a bargain hunter’s dream in Beerwah, this Saturday April 16.