December 2005

National Treasures

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National Treasures

Sunshine Coast Daily , 16 December 2005


News source: Sunshine Coast Daily, Friday, December 16 2005
Letters to the Editor

THANK you for the fabulous snap of Steve Irwin tiger-feeding on the front of the Visitor’s Guide (SCD December 9).

This epitomises what Australia Zoo represents to the people of the Sunshine Coast.

I recently had the privilege of attending the theatre leading into the Kenyan-based movie, The Constant Gardener. Through their reciprocal agreement, the Zoo and various keepers arrived with two of their cheetahs in tow, to give the fascinated audience an up-close and personal with Cleo and Sheeba.

Along with the children in the audience, we were totally entranced by the whole scenario, including the expertise of the handlers.

To have these beautiful animals so close and with the plans the Irwins have to expand and extend their Beerwah attraction, they are bringing parts of the world to many who may not otherwise have the opportunity to visit overseas.

I believe the tag “icon” is hackneyed and overused. Rather, the Irwins are living national treasures.

Claire Jolliffe