October 2005
Toast of the coast: Peoples choice

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Toast of the coast: Peoples choice

Sunshine Coast Daily, October 2005


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, October 8, 2005
By Caraolyn Tucker

DESPITE canvassing the views of leaders in many varied fields across the Sunshine Coast, there were always going to be some locals who deserved a mention and missed out the first time round. These are your suggestions on the ones that got away:

Steve and Terri Irwin

THE crocodile hunting couple certainly need no introduction, with an international profile and providing a major tourism draw card the Sunshine Coast.

A chance reunion with a friend while filming an advertisement for Australia Zoo 15 years ago gave Steve the opportunity to demonstrate his passion for reptiles and the environment when they both took a punt and made the first documentary, The Crocodile Hunter in 1992. He married Terri that same year, and the rest is history.

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