January 2005

Australia Zoo Tsunami Appeal

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Glasshouse Country News, January 2005


News Source: Glasshouse Country News, page 10, Thursday 13th January, 2005

Australia Zoo has set up an appeal to help the people and wildlife of Sumatra.

The Zoo has strong links with the Sumatran people and the wildlife of the devastated area, thought their conservation projects and their work with humanitarian and wildlife organisations. One of the worst struck areas, Banda Aceh, was home to 15 Flora and Fauna International (FFI) workers who were shattered when they lost two of their own workers in the disaster, and the remaining 13 lost members of their families. The FFI community urgently needs help to continue their vital wildlife work, primarily the protection of elephants and their environment.

Australia Zoo is focusing their efforts on Sumatra, in this area humanitarian and wildlife aid are intertwined. Native wildlife such as the amazing elephants, orangutans and critically endangered Sumatran tigers are an essential part of everyday Sumatran life.

Australia Zoo’s commitment to their friends in Sumatra goes a lot deeper than this and they will be working with the people of Sumatra and the wildlife of the area over a long term as the slow process of recovery takes its course.

The Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation is also sending head veterinarian Dr Jon Hanger and vet staff to the devastated northern province of Banda Aceh to help the situation of wildlife in the area. Dr Hanger and his staff will be taking essential humanitarian aid and veterinary supplies for the area with them.

The people of Banda Aceh are living day-to-day hand to mouth, we also need essential first aid supplies, veterinary supplies, and new essential basic items. This will not be packaged into a container and sent to an airport to be left on the tarmac, they will be taken in by Dr Jon Hanger and his staff directly to the people in need and the animals in danger.

If you would like to assist Australia Zoo with raising the $12,000 required for the activities they wish to undertake donations can be made on-line at the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation website, www.sicf.org.