June 2005

Wombat Conservation

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Glasshouse Country News, June 23 2005


News Source: Glasshouse Country News, page 20, June 23 2005

As part of the Australia Zoo wombat conservation program, we have obtained five orphaned Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats from a property in South Australia that was under extreme drought and has had an estimated 80% decline in its adult wombat population. The five animals being raised were all obtained in March 2004 and were varied in their size and age. Laura, Little One, Lulu, Grotty and Ginger Meg have been hand-raised by experienced carer, Claire Glover. Claire has a wealth of experience in raising marsupials and is a natural born wombat mum!

Australia Zoo has developed an ambitions four stage plan for these Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats. That is to:

  • Collect and transport the animals successfully – done!
  • Raise as many to independence as possible – in progress.
  • Successfully establish the animals onto a captive diet; and
  • Display and trial soft release programs.

So far stage one has been successfully completed with stage two well on its way. Knowledge from this transportation and hand-raising is already being collated and has been sent back to be used by researchers in South Australia. Australia Zoo has a great interest in the conservation of all the species of wombat.