July 2006

Scott Wright – Award Winner

Enthusiasm: It's crocka-contagious

Glasshouse Country News, 12 July 2006

Scott Wright – Award Winner
News source: Glasshouse Country News, 12 July 2006

Scott Wright has a smile that lights up a room. It’s easy to see why the kids at Australia Zoo love him! Scott, 24, was the winner of the Vocational Excellence – young person who overcomes challenges to succeed at school or work category, in the 2006 Rotary International Pride in Workmanship Awards.

Scott’s job at the Zoo is costume entertainment. For three years he’s been strolling around the Zoo wearing a BW Croc suit, or “big head Steve”, an animated caricature of Steve Irwin. If he’s not in costume, Scott takes on a hosting role, walking around with another staff member dressed in costume, introducing them to Zoo patrons.

Scott always wanted to work with kids. After recovering at home after suffering two brain tumours, he decided on a plan. He wrote letters to companies around Australia trying to find work in the entertainment industry. Then he got a phone call that changed his life. “It was Australia Zoo wanting me to come in for an interview. I was ecstatic,” he said. Scott says he has the best job on the planet. “The best part of my job is making a child smile, I just want to make kids happy,” he said.