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May 2006

Claire is our big bro survivor

Claire is our big bro survivor

Sunshine Coast Daily, Tuesday 9 May 2006

Claire is our big bro survivor
News source: Sunshine Coast Daily, Tuesday 9 May 2006

THE Sunshine Coast still has a contestant in the Big Brother house after Claire Madden survived Sunday night's double eviction.

Claire, a 22-year-old animal trainer from Australia Zoo, was up for eviction and gasped twice as South Australian Tilli and then Elise from New South Wales were evicted in the space of 20 minutes.

Tilli, a 19-year-old with a bizarre haircut and eye-catching fashion sense, had attracted scorn from most of her housemates for being two-faced. In a resounding public vote, she was the first to be evicted.

Elise, a 21-year-old finance analyst, had struggled to fit in with the stronger personalities and later expressed mild relief that she had been kicked out. She had been the only one to nominate Claire last week.

Claire's survival was a relief for friends, who said at the start of the series that her intelligence and good looks made her a strong candidate to win the sixth series.

Alice Springs betting agency Centrebet last night had Claire equal third favourite, at $13.

Gay farmer David Graham, the other Queenslander in the house, remains a warm favourite to win at $3.50. The housemates now have to contend with a punishment room after their continued transgressions saw the $1 million prize money dip to below $650,000.