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May 2006

Coast's Claire faces eviction

Coast's Claire faces eviction

Sunshine Coast Sunday, 7 May 2006

Coast's Claire faces eviction
News source: Sunshine Coast Sunday, 7 May 2006

SHE was tipped as a genuine chance of wining but Sunshine Coast conservationist Claire Madden could be the first housemate to be punted from Big Brother.

The big cat keeper from Australia Zoo is one of five housemates up for eviction tonight.

One of the more intelligent and restrained housemates, Claire was elevated to the chopping block following an elaborate round of nominations on Monday night.

She had originally been spared from eviction after the first round of nominations but the now weekly three-point play – in which a housemate can deduct three points from any of the nominated housemates – saw Ashley, the ute-driving bricklayer form Western Australia, replaced by Claire and 21-year-old Victorian student Dino.

It capped an ordinary night for the 22-year-old after she experienced an embarrassing brain fade during nominations.

She forgot Ashley's name and needed a reminder from Big Brother before completing her nomination.