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April 2006

Get close to the big cats

Get close to the big cats

Sunshine Coast Daily Visitor's Guide

Get close to the big cats
News source: Sunshine Coast Daily Visitor's Guide, Autumn 2006

SO, on your last visit to Australia Zoo you got up close and personal feeding the Asian Elephants, the kangaroos and baby animals in their own nursery which was all included in the entry price.

You held koalas and snakes for photos and met a Wedge-tailed Eagle.

The family settled into the big Animal Planet Crocoseum and watched the big shows with crocs, birds, snakes and tigers and then rushed to the new Tiger Temple to get as close as possible with the tigers and cheetahs.

This time you can get even closer!

Australia Zoo has launched its latest wildlife adventure: big cat photos.

Cat lovers can now sign up for tiger photos on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays with one of the gorgeous Bengal or Sumatran Tigers, and cheetah photos on Wednesdays, Thursdays and weekends, where you will be taken behind the scenes at Tiger Temple and come face to face with a breathtaking big cat.

The experience is set in a replica Southeast Asian temple and you will be able to pat the cat while a professional photographer captures the moment.

And the best part is it's not that expensive, designed for cat lovers who don't have the time or the cash for the morning big cat walk.

Photo sessions are just $450 (tigers) and $290 (cheetahs) and that's for up to four people, includes zoo entry and eight big photos printed.

The best news is most of the money goes back to tiger conservation efforts.

The 15-minute experience is all before the park opens too, so you'll be first in to see the Zoo come to life and free to meet all the other animals before many are through the gate.

To find out more or to book your next animal experience at Australia Zoo simply visit the website and follow the links to animal photos, or call the Zoo on 5436 2000.

Cat lovers must be aged 15 years and over to participate in the big cat photos.