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May 2006

It's Not Just Politics

It's Not Just Politics

The Weekender, 12-18 May 2006

It's Not Just Politics
News source: The Weekender, 12-18 May 2006
With Peter Slipper

It's virtually impossible not to be impressed with the attractions at Steve and Terri Irwin's Australia Zoo. I had the opportunity recently to visit the Zoo to discuss issues regarding the conservation of crocodiles in north Queensland. Steve and Terri have been active campaigners for the protection of all wildlife, from cute koalas and kangaroos, through to Australia's more intimidating wildlife such as dingoes, Tasmanian Devils and the crocodile. It was good to be able to speak directly to those who are the driving force behind such important conservation initiatives.

While on conservation, the responsible use of water has always been an important topic and, with the ongoing dry weather in Queensland, in recent weeks it had again been widely discussed in the media.

A friend who lives in the hinterland told me she had installed two water tanks, connecting one to her guttering to collect rainwater and the other to catch her grey water, which she uses to nourish her garden. Her financial investment has helped her contribute significantly to water conservation. She presents a positive example of how individuals can make a difference when it comes to the sensible use of water.