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April 2006

Pint-sized Irwin is a star on the rise

Pint-sized Irwin is a star on the rise

Sunshine Coast Daily, Saturday 8 April 2006

Pint-sized Irwin is a star on the rise
News source: Sunshine Coast Daily, Saturday 8 April 2006
By Lisa Kither and Renae Dyer

MOVE over Steve... Bindi Irwin is taking over the Crocoseum!

Just like any other seven-year-old, Bindi loves her Bratz dolls, thinks the world should be pink and believes everyone should be kind to animals, but this pint-sized Wildlife Warrior is already looking to step out of her dad's big shadow with her own show over the school holidays.

Bindi even has her own back-up dancers – the Crocmen – and together they will perform up to twice a day in the 5000-seat arena.

“It's really cool because I'm doing this really cool show and I sing and dance about all different animals,” the child star said.

“I've got four Crocmen, and they help my dad and I spread the word about animals.”

Bindi said people should come to the Zoo because “it's really cool”, but like most performers, she admitted to some nerves.

“I'm just crossing my fingers a thousand times that people will like me,” she said. “But it's lots of fun because everyone can get up and dance and sing along with me.”

With a face recognised around the world, her own clothing line and a passport filled with stamps, Bindi seems quite unaffected by the trappings of stardom, despite the ink already being dry on her first deal: a 26-episode singing and dancing show on the Discovery Channel.

And while her feet are still growing into her dad's shoes, this bright and articulate kid is certainly a star in her own right.

But she still wants to grow up to be “just like my dad”.

“I really want to be like my dad,” she said.

“They've given me a lot of good advice. Mostly how it's good to protect animals, and now that they've done that I'm like, ‘No, don't kill that mosquito, don't step on that bull ant'.”

So who is Bindi Irwin?

“Well, she's a wonderful girl who loves animals.”

Favourite animals: Snakes, Harriet (the giant tortoise at Australia Zoo) and possums.
Favourite singer: Britney Spears
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite TV show: The Simpsons
Favourite country: Australia
Favourite part of Australia: Tasmania