January 2006

Terri Irwin appointed Order of Australia

Terri Irwin

The Range News, Thursday 23 March 2006

Terri Irwin appointed Order of Australia

News source: Glasshouse Country News, Thursday 23 March 2006

Last week Terri Irwin, Owner and Director of Australia Zoo was appointed an Order of Australia Honorary Member (AM) in the General Division.

Terri was recognised for her service to wildlife conservation and the tourism industry, particularly through Australia Zoo, and her support for many charitable organisations.

Terri has made an outstanding contribution to wildlife protection and charitable causes. She is passionate about animals and conservation which she promotes through the goals and missions of Australia Zoo. Terri is also an active patron of Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd and promotes her conservation message through lectures and workshops at schools, universities and community groups.

While Terri is known worldwide for her contribution to conservation, she is also recognised for her charitable work including the fundraising support she provides to over 2000 organisations every year.