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May 2006

The voice of Bart stirs the possum

Treat for mums at Aussie Zoo

The Sunday Mail, 7 May 2006

The voice of Bart stirs the possum
News source: The Sunday Mail, 7 May 2006
By Lou Robson

AS the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright has had run-ins with elephants, monkeys and coyotes.

The Los Angeles-based actor, who coined the phrase “Don't have a cow, man,” has seen her 10-year-old character surrounded by snakes and besieged by a bear.

But the Emmy award winner confronted her own demons when she handled a possum at Australia Zoo yesterday.

“I think possums are scary,” Nancy said.

“I've been told they can be dangerous, that they can grip on and not let go.”

The mother of two had no trouble bonding with eight-year-old Mountain Brushtail Possum Hope while in Queensland to perform her one-woman show My life as a 10-Year-Old Boy .

The performer, who gives voice to other Simpsons characters including Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz and Todd Flanders, said the show tells how she came to “be” Bart and the effect it has had on her life.

“We're coming up to 400 episodes and the movie is due for release next year so Bart is a part of me,” Nancy said.

“I had no idea what was going to happen when I went for what was just another audition in 1987.”

Nancy 's show, in Brisbane on Tuesday and the Gold Coast on Wednesday, was adapted from her book of the same title.