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April 2006

Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple

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Tiger Temple
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It's their second birthday for the jungle kings! Two years have passed since those cute tiger cubs first arrived at Australia Zoo to entertain and captivate our hearts with their graceful skill and playfulness.

Tigers are the largest and heaviest of the cat family – some weighing 220kg – these gorgeous felines may live up to 26 years but their kingdoms are shrinking fast.

If not for places like Australia Zoo who protect and shelter these magnificent creatures, they would have no chance at all and at best will be extinct in the wild by 2020.

Just so you know; male tigers can eat up to 40kg of meat in one meal and they need to roam an area of up to 100 sq km, while protective females have a breeding interval of two years to rear their cubs – but when it's on, it's hot and a pair of tigers can mate up to one hundred times over two days.

Those sexy beasts face the threat of global deforestation that is driven by human poverty as in India , home of the Bengal Tiger, and fuelled by rich resource-hungry countries. We are all part of those issues or we can be some solution to their survival through eco-tourism, public awareness and wildlife refuge donations.

AUSTRALIA Zoo's latest project is Tiger Temple ! This ambitious enclosure design showcases five Bengal and Sumatran Tigers, and four cheetahs in an exotic South-East Asian setting.

With a crystal clear pool (the only underwater viewing area in the Southern Hemisphere!), a running waterfall, and a bamboo jungle, you can see the tigers and cheetahs interact with their handlers and display their natural behaviour. Enrichment is everything when dealing with majestic predatory wildlife, and the handlers keep these big cats entertained with new stimulus such as milk ice-blocks, toys and swimming all day!

Tigers and cheetahs are both highly endangered, and they are at Australia Zoo to educate visitors about the importance of saving them for future generations to see. If you buy any of the many tiger and cheetah goodies on offer from the merchandise cart or participate in any big cat experiences, all the proceeds will go directly back into conserving big cats in the wild and their habitat.

There are also brand new experiences on offer, where you can get up close and personal with the big cat of you choice! Take a morning walk, or get your professional photo taken as you pose next to these amazing cats. Interested to know what goes on behind the Temple ? Well, sign up for the behind-the-scenes tour to get access to the big cats' off-display area.

For booking or enquiries check out or call (07) 5436 2000.

Visit Australia Zoo soon, where big cats RULE!