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July 2006

Totally Wild

Totally Wild

The Sunday Mail, Factor X, 2 July 2006

Totally Wild
News source: The Sunday Mail, Factor X, 2 July 2006

WHAT a little beauty! Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi, that is.

There can't be too many seven-year-olds who live with crocodiles, tigers and elephants in their backyard. Nor many who invite thousands of visitors to their home each day.

Well, welcome to the life of Bindi Irwin.

Oh, and for the next week (until Sunday), the lively Bindi will take centre stage in the Crocoseum with her all-singing, all-dancing band, the Crocmen – singing songs about everyone's favourite animals, including elephants, orangutans and more. It will be heaps of fun!

That's right, but wait, check this out: One lucky Factor X reader will score an unbelievably wild prize, including entry for your family into Australia Zoo, a VIP Bindi-tour of the Zoo, VIP seating in the Crocoseum (where you can watch Bindi and the Crocmen, as well as the wildlife action shows featuring snakes, tigers, free flight birds and Saltwater Crocodiles) and an awesome gift pack.

What's more, the winner will be given access to hand-feed the Asian Elephants in a very special private session with Bindi. Wow!