July 2006

Veronicas have that healing feeling

Veronicas have that healing feeling

Sunshine Coast Daily, July 29 2006

Veronicas have that healing feeling
News source: Sunshine Coast Daily, July 29 2006

Apart from causing a sensation wherever they appear on the planet, Brisbane singing sister act The Veronicas may have created a new syndrome at Australia Zoo – marsupial envy.

Once images of Lisa and Jess Origliasso cuddling Robbie the koala get out, males of all ages will be looking to check in at the zoo's special hospital.

The only catch is that these girls only give their hearts to seriously hurt native fauna in need of urgent care.

Certainly Robbie is one intensively cared for patient who can relate to the Veronicas hit ‘When It All Falls Apart'.

“Robbie was caught on the exhaust of the same car that struck him and dragged him for some time, causing severe burns to his head, arms and legs,” a zoo spokesman said.

Robbie required $10,000 worth of care including a skin graft and expert burns treatment from vet Jon Hanger and his team.

The young singers are the zoo's special Wildlife Warriors worldwide ambassadors.

The twins perhaps get their caring nature from mum Colleen, who travels to Beerwah weekly to tend the sick animals as a volunteer.

Yesterday, Lisa and Jess were the centre of attention as they signed autographs and postcards to raise funds for the Wildlife Warriors Wish a Koala Well Day.

Donate by calling 1800 334 350 or at www.wildlifewarriors.org.au .