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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (6th January 2007)
by Kathy Sundstrom
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MUM Terri Irwin watched proudly from the side as thousands packed Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum yesterday to watch her little girl sing and dance.

About 5000 people watched Bindi’s razzle-dazzle as she performed with the Crocmen.

As Bindi pranced, growled, jumped and slithered, she had young and old dancing in the aisles to the catchy tunes.

The eight-year-old performed without a glitch and was “rapt” with the enthusiastic response from the crowd – silencing critics who feared she may be taking up the spotlight too soon after her father Steve’s tragic death.

Manager John Stainton said the critics didn’t realise Bindi had been “brought up in a different world”.

“She is used to cameras and performing. Her dad taught her so much about wildlife and working to cameras.

“It’s a part of her life, it’s like ballet is to another girl – she lives for doing them.”

But the polished performer still had a flutter of nerves before her first big show in the Crocoseum since the death of her father on September 4.

“She said to me she was nervous but that’s really good as she said you have to be nervous to be a good performer.”

Mum Terri was understandably thrilled.

“She was so very proud of Bindi. She said ‘Isn’t it wonderful to see her laughing and happy and enjoying herself’,” Mr Stainton said.

Crowds were expected to continue to pack the Zoo as Bindi’s show continued until Tuesday.

Ninderry’s Shirley Elmy was thrilled to hear yesterday she had won the Sunshine Coast Daily and Australia Zoo competition and will get to meet Bindi Irwin and the Crocmen on Tuesday.

“I can’t believe it,” the delighted 63-year-old grandmother said.

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