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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (17th February 2007)
by Sarah Morgan
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TERRI Irwin is a fantastic asset for Sunshine Coast tourism, the federal Minister for Tourism and Small Businesses said yesterday.

Fran Bailey recently travelled with Terri, the new Tourism Australia ambassador, for two weeks in USA with the G'Day USA; Australia Week 2007 team.

"She is not just a great ambassador for Australia but for this region," she said.

"Everywhere Terri went she was talking about this area.

"The amount of times she said Beerwah - in that great accent - was incredible.

"So much so that I had people come up and ask me if Beerwah was an actual beer.

"It certainly got people talking."

Ms Bailey said Terri was an essential part of the G'Day promotions in Los Angeles and New York.

"Terri is a fantastic ambassador for Australia," she said.

"She is well liked by Americans and is keen to share her love of Australian wildlife and conservation." 

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