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News Source: The Range News (23rd May 2007)

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MOTHERS Day was made even more memorable for Terri Irwin with a presentation at Australia Zoo on Sunday.

As Terri and daughter Bindi walked hand-in-hand into the Crocoseum, they were met with loud applause from the surprised crowd.

Terri took the microphone and as members of the Rotary Club of the Glass House Mountains filed in to join her, she announced that she too was a proud Rotarian.

Bob McLean, Immediate Past President of The Rotary Club of the Glass House Mountains of which Terri has been a long standing and supportive member presented Terri with a 'Rotary Resting Seat.'

In his speech, Bob said "Today is about family. Australia Zoo and The Rotary Club of the Glass House Mountains are family.

"Without the support of Australia Zoo we would not be able to do the work we do. One of the combined projects is Cystic Fibrosis Sunshine Coast.

"Through this project we support 16 young people with treatment which saves them having to go to Brisbane."

He added, "Today, Mothers Day is a day for giving meaningful gifts and the Rotary Club of the Glass House Mountains wanted to do something special for Terri & the family after Steve's accident.

"The club decided to present a bench seat with an inscription on it so that patrons of Australia Zoo would be able to sit awhile and reflect on the work that the Irwin Family has done for wildlife."

The Rotary Resting Seat was made in Landsborough by Brads Bush Furniture from Brush Box timber.

Terri & Bindi thanked the club and agreed that the seat would be installed at the Zoo in Kangaroo Heaven. Rotary Club president Pat Green then presented Terri with a plaque with an inscription similar to that on the seat.

"The Club wished to express their sympathy and support," she said. "And designed the plaque to be installed in a prominent place within the Zoo as a constant reminder of our ongoing support."

Pat concluded with a sentiment that was surely echoed throughout the Crocoseum, "We miss him too."

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