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CRIKEY! Check out Australia Zoo news from 2007.

News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (16th July 2007)
by Jane Gardner
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Many years ago, well before her Getaway fame, Catriona Rowntree took a tour of the croc pens at Australia Zoo on director Wes Mannion's back.

The footage of her terrified squeals was so hilarious, it was sold all over the world to bloopers shows.

Yesterday, an older and much more traveled Catriona met with Wes again to film a Sunshine Coast Getaway segment.

"When I saw Wes, we gave each other the biggest hug and I said: it was you!" she said.

Catriona spent the holding snakes, petting tigers and reminiscing with the crocs.

The experience reminded her of the few times she met the legendary Steve Irwin.

"I have got to say, aside from delighting in his passion, as a presenter I was completely in awe of him," she said.

"I once saw him do 4.5 minute piece to camera on ant mounds and he had me from 'hello'. Aside from everything people talk about, his brilliance on camera was second to none.

"My only worry with Bindi is that she would be so good on Getaway, she might put me out of a job one day."

If Terri Irwin was not already the Coast's unofficial ambassador, Catriona would be the perfect candidate.

"I literally flew in to the Coast from a round-the-world trip on Sunday, and nothing I have seen around the world on a natural level can compare to what I’ve seen here this week," she said.

The Getaway team bid the Sunshine Coast adieu today after a whale watching trip.

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