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CRIKEY! Check out Australia Zoo news from 2007.

News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (20th August 2007)

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AUSTRALIA Zoo, as everyone knows, is home to everything from kookaburras to elephants and crocodiles.

Yesterday, a pair of new creatures was added to the menagerie - lions.

Not the Transvaal or Massai varieties, but lions of the Brisbane kind.

Brisbane Lions players, including Daniel Merrett and Robert Copeland, were on hand for the club's annual members' day, getting friendly with some of the zoo's residents.

"It’s definitely not something you'd get a lot of chances to do," Merrett said.

Merrett, Copeland and the Lions pulled on khaki shirts, in support of Steve Irwin Day, on November 15.

Copeland said wearing khaki on November 15 was a perfect way to acknowledge the work Steve did, and the ongoing work being done by Wildlife Warriors.

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