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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (20th August 2007)
by Peter Gardiner
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DOTING dad Gary Turner may not take his eight-year-old daughter Keeley croc catching or let her sleep with snakes, but she thinks he is one of the coolest blokes on the planet.

Up there with the late Steve Irwin, who she regards as a hero. Yesterday it was a case of the braveheart Croc Hunter's cap fitting Gary perfectly- but he may not get to wear it.

Gary wrestled with some determined "critter" in the Australia Zoo Crocoseum aiming to get the better of him and emerged a winner in the charity auction for STEVE'S Wildlife Warriors.

Especially with Keeley, who watched Gary outbid a pack of Steve fans to secure the Croc Hunter's autographed cap, which came in a special glass showcase.

The bidding started at a mere $100, wavered a little around the $800 mark, then shot up into the thousands a Ray White Maroochydore auctioneer Dan Sowden, steered them beyond the $1500 reserve Steve coaxing a big croc into a lunge.

By the $2000 mark there were only a few left snapping and finally, Gary upped the ante to $2400. All resistance ended and Dan slammed down the gavel.

"I would have gone more if I had to," said Gary, a garage door installer from Brisbane.

"He was a good man- I’m a big fan of what he did."

And so it seemed was Keeley who usually comes to the zoo with her family once a year.

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