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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (3rd September 2007)

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BOB Irwin, the 67-year old father of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, has been named Queensland’s Grandfather of the Year. But in typical family fashion, he was not able to accept the award in person because of his work in the wilds of north Queensland.

Mr Irwin is working at the family’s conservation reserve at Cape York, so his award was accepted yesterday by his son-in-law, Frank Muscillo.

Mr Muscillo said his son James, 18, along with his famous cousins Bindi, 9, and Bob, 3, had been spending time on the reserve with their grandfather.

Mr Irwin had taught James how to trap crocs, Bindi how to tell the difference between a croc nest, and Bob how to fish.

"Like Steve, Bob feels that nothing is more important than family," Mr Muscillo said.

"I know his grandchildren will look forward to joining their Poppy for trips into the Australian wilderness for years to come."

Queensland Father’s Day Council chairman, the Reverend Allen Male, said the passion for wildlife Mr Irwin had passed on to his children and grandchildren was being felt worldwide.

Steve Irwin died last September when a stingray stabbed him in the chest while he was filming a documentary on Batt Reef, off the north Queensland coast.

In 1970, Melbourne-born Bob Irwin and wife Lyn – who died in 2000 – set up the Beerwah Reptile Park on the Sunshine Coast.

In the mid-1980’s, son Steve left the park and disappeared into the wilds of north Queensland to catch and relocate saltwater crocodiles that threatened remote communities.

When Steve’s parents left the park in the early 1990s, he and his new American wife, Terri, took over and eventually teamed up with producer John Stainton to make a series of documentaries.

The Irwins are recognised as icons of the global conservation movement.

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